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2020/10/20 20:00

Uniswap’s First Governance Vote Ends in Ironic Failure

The vote had been intended to decide whether or not to reduce the thresholds required to make and pass proposals on the DeFi protocol.

2020/10/18 03:21

OKEx Token Price Tumbles Added 20% in Wake of Suspended Withdrawals

OKB is trading just above $4, down from nearly $6 before the news.

2020/10/02 06:50

Decentralized Exchange Volume Rose 103% in September to Record $23.6B Even as Growth Consolidated

Strong trading incentives have “cannibalized volume” from other DEXs, said one analyst.

2020/10/02 06:42

Should DEXs Be Worried After BitMEX? DeFi Founders Weigh In

The sudden takedown of crypto exchange BitMEX has cast a new light on Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) markets.

2020/09/25 16:21


レビュープラットフォームのDeFi Watchのデータによると、最も人気のある15の分散型金融(DeFi)プロジェクトのうち、12のプロジェクトでは依然として「神モード」と呼ばれる管理キーにアクセスできるようになっている。

2020/09/24 23:21

Uniswap Users Have Claimed $560M-Worth of UNI Tokens in a Week

Dune Analytics data shows nearly 80% of the current UNI token supply has so far been snapped up by eligible Uniswap wallet addresses.

2020/09/22 22:12

First Mover: Bitcoin’s Latest Sell-Off Gets Crypto Traders Mulling Election Chaos

Monday's sell-off shows bitcoin is likely to trade off with risky assets like stocks if U.S. election chaos sends markets into a fresh downdraft.

2020/09/22 10:27

Uniswap Users Say Uniting Can Strengthen UNI

A group of anonymous Uniswap users is trying to unite the many small holders of the UNI governance token to deal with potential problems in the automated market maker’s (AMM) governance.

2020/09/19 17:36



2020/09/19 14:38

分散型金融(DeFi)トークンのUNI、急騰後に22%の下落 | 仮想通貨トレーダーは一時的な調整とも


2020/09/17 15:41

分散型金融プロジェクトのUniswap、新しいガバナンストークン「UNIトークン」発表 | バイナンスで上場も


2020/09/05 13:22

大手仮想通貨取引所バイナンス、新しいDeFiプロダクトをローンチ | 流動性マイニングを提供


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