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2019/10/04 17:15

Thai Bank Backs Series A Funding for Tokenized Securities Startup iSTOX

Security token platform iSTOX has raised an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from a leading investment bank based in Thailand.

2019/09/16 22:00

Harbor Tokenizes Real Estate Funds Worth $100 Million on Ethereum

Harbor has created tokens on the ethereum blockchain representing the shares of four real estate funds worth $100 million.

2019/08/07 21:30

National Stock Exchange Becomes World’s First to List a Tokenized Security

Seychelles' stock exchange has just listed a tokenized security representing its own equity in an apparent world first.

2019/05/04 01:00

Tokenized Securities Exchange Launches to the Public

Belarus-based exchange has left beta mode to offer trading and investment in 1,000 tokenized securities.

2019/04/09 22:02

Gibraltar Stock Exchange Now Allows Listing of Tokenized Securities

The Gibraltar Stock Exchange is allowing financial firms to list blockchain-based securities on its GSX Global Market platform.

2019/02/26 23:00

$66 Million Building to Be Tokenized on Ethereum Blockchain in Record Deal

Inveniam Capital Partners is soon to offer tokenized securities representing $260 million-worth of shares in four properties.

2019/02/09 19:00

The Security Token Market Needs Better Lingo

“STO” was coined to distinguish a compliant token offering from ICOs, but the term fails to capture all the types of security tokens.

2019/02/07 18:00

Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Plans Blockchain Platform in H2

Switzerland's top stock exchange, SIX, aims to roll out a blockchain platform to speed up trading later this year.

2019/02/02 21:45

Security Tokens vs. Tokenized Securities: It’s More Than Semantics

Security tokens and tokenized securities are not the same thing – it's important that we recognize the difference, argues Noelle Acheson.

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