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2019/03/15 11:43



2019/03/14 22:00

Thai Stock Exchange Building Digital Assets Platform for 2020 Launch

The Stock Exchange of Thailand has confirmed it's building a digital assets platform that it expects to launch next year.

2019/03/14 00:00

Thailand’s Securities Watchdog Approves Country’s First ICO Portal

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has given the green light to the country's first portal for approved token sales.

2019/03/13 17:30

タイのSEC 初のICOポータルを承認 今後STOに関する基準策定へ


2019/03/01 19:15

Thai SEC Bans Three Cryptocurrencies from ICO Investment, Trading Pairs

Thailand’s financial markets regulator has banned several cryptos as a means to invest in ICOs and as a base in trading pairs.

2019/02/25 11:00

タイ議会がセキュリティトークン発行を認める 証券取引法改正案を承認


2019/02/22 21:15

Thailand Green Lights Issuance and Trading of Blockchain Securities

The Thai National Legislative Assembly has approved changes to the law allowing tokenized securities to be issued and traded in the country.

2019/02/12 07:59

中東の送金業者 リップルのブロックチェーンでタイに国際送金開始へ


2019/02/12 00:00

Two Remittance Firms Go Live With Ripple-Based Payments to Thailand

Remittance firms UAE Exchange and Unimoni now offer blockchain-based payments to Thailand using RippleNet.

2019/01/18 22:30

Thai Stock Exchange Plans to Launch a Token Trading Platform

The Stock Exchange of Thailand is looking to capitalize on investor interest in cryptos by offering a new digital assets exchange.

2019/01/10 21:05

Thai Finance Ministry Awards Licenses to 4 Crypto Firms, Rejects 2

Thailand's Ministry of Finance has granted digital asset business licenses to four crypto firms, while rejecting two others.

2019/01/10 15:02



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