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2021/01/04 00:36

It’s Genesis Block Day. Do You Know Where Your Bitcoin Keys Are?

"Not your keys, not your bitcoin." This week, two events want to help you on your road to financial self sovereignty.

2021/01/04 00:00

This Is What Global Open-Source Money Seems Like

Some insist bitcoin simply can't be money because it has no basis in the material world. But the argument owes more to semantics than reality.

2020/12/31 06:45

What Is Proof-of-Stake?

Proof-of-stake is a method of maintaining integrity in a blockchain, ensuring users of a cryptocurrency can’t mint coins they didn’t earn.

2020/12/22 23:01

First Cryptocurrency Used by Pornhub Eyes New Use Case in Mobile Charging

Verge is teaming with a U.S. firm to launch a mobile-charging device that accepts crypto payments.

2020/12/22 21:42

Ford Finds Using Blockchain With Hybrid Vehicles Can Help Cut Air Pollution in Cities

The automaker's study used blockchain to record hybrid vehicles as they automatically shifted to low-emissions mode in restricted city zones.

2020/12/22 05:15

Linzhi Begins Rollout of Long-Awaited Ethereum Miner ‘Phoenix’

Linzhi’s “Phoenix” Ethereum ASIC miner is three times more powerful than other machines on the market, as well as more energy efficient.

2020/12/22 02:15

Uniswap Is the Number One Gas Guzzler on Ethereum

Decentralized exchange Uniswap burns through more gas than any other application on Ethereum.

2020/12/04 04:00

Terra Brings 24-Hour Trading to Synthetic Versions of Stocks Like TSLA and AAPL

The creators of the stablecoin platform Terra are launching Mirror Protocol, a way to mint crypto assets that mimic U.S. stocks.

2020/12/04 00:07

Darknet Markets Face Headwinds After Year of Mixed Results

Darknet markets are falling off the radar and watching their customer base level off.

2020/12/03 23:59

Aave Launches V2 in Bid to Make Borrowing Against Volatile Assets Less Risky

DeFi platform Aave has rolled out its second version, with several features that should make it more flexible and more capital efficient.

2020/12/03 23:30

Kraken Exchange to Offer First Grants for Open-Source Ethereum Projects

Kraken is for the first time funding open-source Ethereum projects.

2020/12/03 18:58

Ridesharing Giant Cabify to Track and Offset Carbon Emissions Using Blockchain Platform

Cabify, one of the world's largest ridesharing companies, is moving to offset its carbon emissions with the help of blockchain marketplace ClimateTrade.

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