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2020/10/24 04:42

Ethereum 2.0 Deposit Contract Release Kicked Back Until November

Researchers are waiting on a final audit of a critical crypto library before releasing the deposit contract, Ethereum Foundation researcher Danny Ryan said.

2020/10/23 06:35

PayPal Said to Be in Talks to Buy Crypto Firms Including BitGo: Bloomberg

The news comes a day after the payments giant confirmed it's entering the cryptocurrency market.

2020/10/23 05:15

A Guide to Circles, the Project Bringing UBI and FOMO to Ethereum’s xDai Sidechain

Circles has had its glitches in the early going. Here's what you need to know to get into the newest crypto-powered universal basic income (UBI) project.

2020/10/23 01:35

Three Trends Killing Web Privacy and Decentralization

The decentralized design of the web gives it the potential to be more privacy-preserving than any other system. Yet, there are long-range threats at play.

2020/10/23 00:53

Lossless Lottery PoolTogether Opens Up to More Coins, More Prizes

PoolTogether v3 will enable more ERC-20 tokens, more yield sources and more prize distribution schemes for the DeFi savings game.

2020/10/20 22:09

.Crypto Domain Owners Can Now Be Verified With Twitter Accounts for Safer Payments

The Twitter authentication service lets .crypto domain holders verify address ownership via the MyEtherWallet app.

2020/10/20 22:00

Zcoin Employs Burn-and-Redeem Privacy Model, Offering Alternative to Coinjoins

The Lelantus protocol, launched on privacycoin Zcoin’s testnet, lets users redeem partial amounts of a total coin burn, rather than all of it at once.

2020/10/20 20:00

Uniswap’s First Governance Vote Ends in Ironic Failure

The vote had been intended to decide whether or not to reduce the thresholds required to make and pass proposals on the DeFi protocol.

2020/10/20 19:25

Japan’s LINE Launches CBDC Development Platform: Report

LINE reportedly said it has several "major" Asian nations in discussions over using the CBDC platform.

2020/10/20 18:20

Blockchain-Based Trading System Steps Closer to ASX Access

National Stock Exchange of Australia is now in talks with Australia's securities regulator to finalize access for its DLT system to ASX Clear, it said.

2020/10/20 05:08

Closing Time for Bitcoin’s Iconic Room 77 – ‘And That’s OK,’ Says Owner

Room 77 originally opened as a side project, until Bitcoin came and made it an icon. Now, the first bar to ever accept bitcoin is closing.

2020/10/20 03:49

FinCEN Fines Bitcoin-Mixing CEO $60M in Landmark Crackdown on Helix, Coin Ninja

Larry Dean Harmon ran the first bitcoin mixing services targeted with criminal allegations by U.S. authorities.

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