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2021/02/18 00:53

Russia’s Crypto Tax Bill Passes First Reading at State Duma

The bill proposes to recognize cryptocurrency as property for purposes of taxation.

2021/02/04 20:43

South Africa’s Tax Agency Is Clamping Down on Crypto Users: Report

The South African Revenue Service is likely "ensnaring" non-compliant taxpayers, a tax consultancy said in a news report.

2021/02/04 19:37

US Library of Congress Says Most Countries Lack Clear Tax Guidance on Crypto Staking

Out of 31 nations, only 5 have tax guidance addressing cryptocurrency rewards via staking, a study found.

2021/01/09 20:17



2021/01/04 16:00



2020/09/03 19:46

Swiss Canton Zug to Accept Taxes in Bitcoin, Ether From Next Year

Citizens and companies in Zug will be able to pay up to $109,000 of their tax bill in either bitcoin or ether from February next year.

2020/07/21 16:17

韓国の仮想通貨取引所、国内投資家にフォーカス | 規制問題で外国人トレーダーの取り込み難しく


2020/05/05 11:03

インドの仮想通貨取引所、課税問題の明確化求める ビジネス拡大の足かせに


2020/02/25 21:41

New Zealand Plans to Drop ‘Unfavorable’ Sales Tax Treatment of Cryptocurrencies

New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department is considering how best to change its tax regimen so cryptocurrencies aren't at a disadvantage.

2020/01/31 21:00

Crypto Tax Software Developers Get Serious About System Standards

A growing number of crypto tax software developers are trying to bolster their products’ technical credibility with the CPA’s stamp of attestation.

2019/12/10 23:00

Danish Tax Agency Sends Warning Letters to Suspected Crypto Tax Evaders

Denmark's tax authority, the Skattestyrelsen, has been sending letters to cryptocurrency users it suspects of tax avoidance, demanding a range of information about their trading activities.

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