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2021/02/11 13:35

マスターカード、2021年に仮想通貨決済に対応へ ステーブルコインをサポート


2021/02/03 23:41

The Block Founder Mike Dudas Takes Stablecoin Role at Paxos

The serial entrepreneur, payments veteran and pugnacious tweeter will focus on building Paxos' white-labeled stablecoin business.

2021/02/03 04:39

Bullish Sign for Crypto? USDC and Dai Balances on Exchanges Hit Record Highs

Buying in these stablecoins may foretell where the crypto market is going.

2021/02/02 13:59



2021/02/01 07:36



2021/01/31 00:43

Visa May Add Cryptocurrencies to Its Payments Network, Says CEO

The card giant works with wallets and exchanges to enable crypto purchases, and could eventually use digital currencies over blockchain in the same way it processes traditional money.

2021/01/30 07:10

US Federal Reserve Looking to Hire a Manager to Research Stablecoins and CBDCs

The job listing follows comments made by Fed Chair Jerome Powell in recent weeks where he said the central bank needed “better regulatory answers” for global stablecoins.

2021/01/20 17:49



2021/01/01 02:00

Crypto Dollars and CBDCs: The Battle to Come

The future of money will be a tussle between algorithmic and fiat-pegged stablecoins and central bank digital currency experiments.

2020/12/04 03:43

Why Stablecoins Are the First Battleground of the Coming Crypto Regulation Wars

The STABLE Act would force all stablecoin issuers to have bank licenses, a shot across the bow that portends an emerging legal challenge for the industry.

2020/12/03 14:23



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