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2019/11/16 07:35

Alibaba Denies ‘Partnership’ With Lolli, Highlighting Crypto Industry Pitfalls

What really constitutes a "partnership" at the intersection of e-commerce and crypto?

2019/11/12 03:11

Alibaba Offers Bitcoin Rewards Through Lolli Shopping App for ‘Singles Day’

Lolli will offer Alibaba customers bitcoin back on their purchases with a new partnership.

2019/07/31 19:00

Fold App Adds Bitcoin ‘Kickbacks’ for Purchases at Target, Starbucks

Mobile shoppers can earn bitcoin for purchases from Amazon, Starbucks and Target, just to name a few. 

2019/07/26 18:40

ビットコイン還元?米スーパー大手セイフウェイで実施 仮想通貨の価値保存手段に期待


2019/06/26 11:58

ホテル予約で仮想通貨ビットコインを獲得 ショッピングアプリ「Lolli」がホテルズドットコムと提携


2019/04/22 22:00

You Can Now Shop With Bitcoin on Amazon Using Lightning

Bitcoin spenders can use the lightning network to shop at e-commerce sites like Amazon, thanks to a new browser extension.

2019/02/06 21:00

Cypherpunk Valentine: Why Shoppers Spend Bitcoin on Lingerie

Lingerie purchasing as a bitcoin use case is much less far-fetched than you might imagine.

2019/01/05 19:30

Bitcoin Payments Aren’t Dead, They’ve Just Gone Niche

Accepting crypto payments can help niche businesses build deeper relationships with customers – as this real-world example shows.

2018/10/19 07:16


あるスタートアップが、実働するエコシステムを使い、仮想通貨決済を数千の店舗に導入しようとしている。仮想通貨がより広く採用されることで、ボラティリティの軽減にもなるとみている。 #SPONSORED

2018/04/27 12:51


スキャネットチェーン社、拡張現実(AR)を使い、1つの仮想通貨プラットフォームで、ソーシャルネットワークとショッピングのサービスを一緒に提供 #SPONSORED

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