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2020/11/23 14:00



2020/11/15 10:00

「CBDCの肝は個人情報の保護」 ボストン連邦準備銀行リサーチ責任者が指摘


2020/11/04 22:06

‘Digital Mercenaries’: Why Blockchain Analytics Firms Have Privacy Advocates Worried

Blockchain surveillance highlights the tension between further crypto transparency that encourages wider adoption and its cypherpunk roots.

2020/10/25 11:00



2020/10/23 01:35

Three Trends Killing Web Privacy and Decentralization

The decentralized design of the web gives it the potential to be more privacy-preserving than any other system. Yet, there are long-range threats at play.

2020/10/22 23:00

DOJ’s Crypto Framework Is ‘a Complete Disaster’ for Digital Privacy Rights

The U.S. Department of Justice's enforcement framework may pose a serious threat to the digital privacy rights of crypto users.

2020/10/20 22:00

Binance-Backed Privacy Mavens Release Tokenomic Lynchpin: ‘Proof-of-Relay’

Rewards gathered on the testnet will be made available when HOPR tokens launch on the live mainnet later this year.

2020/10/20 22:00

Zcoin Employs Burn-and-Redeem Privacy Model, Offering Alternative to Coinjoins

The Lelantus protocol, launched on privacycoin Zcoin’s testnet, lets users redeem partial amounts of a total coin burn, rather than all of it at once.

2020/10/20 14:33

米国の金融規制当局、仮想通貨ミキシングサービス運営者に6000万ドルの罰金 | マネロン規制に違反


2020/10/20 03:42

Cryptographers Are Always Going to Be ‘One Step Ahead’ of Regulators: Monero’s Spagni

Privacy protocols have become the focal point of regulators and law enforcement agencies when the race among central banks to launch sovereign digital currencies is heating up.

2020/10/18 21:26

A Day in the Life of the Splinternet

Cypherpunk historian Finn Brunton imagines a future where there are many internets, each making demands on your attention.

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