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2019/06/18 21:30

70% of Crypto Exchanges Have Complied With CoinMarketCap’s Transparency Initiative

Crypto data provider CoinMarketCap says most listed exchanges have complied with its transparency-boosting mandatory data requests.

2019/06/18 20:00

Bitcoin Price Trades Flat on Facebook Libra Blockchain Launch

Bitcoin is struggling to gather upside traction following Facebook's official announcement of its Libra cryptocurrency project.

2019/06/16 14:57

Above $9.3K: Bitcoin’s Price Prints 13-Month High

Bitcoin's price rose to 13-month highs above $9,300 on Sunday, taking cumulative weekly gains to 17 percent.

2019/06/14 20:10

Bull Trap? Bitcoin’s Price Rise to $8,300 Isn’t Backed by High Volumes

A clear divergence between prices and trading volumes on the charts suggests bitcoin’s recent $800 rally could be short-lived.

2019/06/13 20:00

Reuters, Bloomberg and TradingView to Add New Cryptocurrency Index

The terminals of Reuters and Bloomberg will soon provide cryptocurrency data from an index that takes into account social media posts and news.

2019/06/11 20:00

No Man’s Land: Bitcoin Price Locked in $600 Range for 7th Day

Bitcoin's struggle for direction continues with prices locked in a tight range for a week.

2019/06/11 03:00

Above $125: Litecoin Jumps to Highest Price in Over a Year

The price of litecoin surged another 10 percent today, pushing its price above $125 to record its highest value since May 23, 2018.

2019/06/10 20:00

Bitcoin’s Price Is Just $300 Away From a Short-Term Bear Reversal

Bitcoin's bulls need to keep prices above key support at $7,432 to avert a short-term bearish reversal.

2019/06/07 19:00

Bitcoin Price Eyes Stronger Recovery Rally After Bounce to $8K

Bitcoin has recovered to $8,000 after defending key support for two consecutive days and may remain well bid over the weekend. 

2019/06/07 02:00

Bitcoin and Gold Prices Diverge Again, Extending 5-Month Correlation

Bitcoin has shed $1,400 over the last seven days, contradicting gold's 5.4 percent price rise to the highest since February.

2019/06/06 20:00

Bitcoin Struggles to Build Momentum After Defense of $7.4K Price Support

A key technical line applied brakes to bitcoin's sell-off earlier this week, but so far the bounce has been shallow, with upside capped around $7,900.

2019/06/06 13:00

Bitcoin’s 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

Bitcoin's TAAR (transaction amount to active addresses ratio) is hovering around 7-month highs, potentially adding a fundamental validation to bitcoin's latest price growth.

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