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2019/02/16 20:00

Maker’s MKR Crypto Outperforms in February with 37% Gains

Ethereum-based cryptocurrency Maker is outperforming the broader markets with a 37 percent gain on a month-to-date basis.

2019/02/16 19:00

Metrics May Point to Ether Being Undervalued

There is a dichotomy between theory and practice of what fundamental demand indicators should be driving the price of ether.

2019/02/15 20:00

Bitcoin’s Sideways Drift Has Shifted Price Recovery Target to $3.7K

Bitcoin's six days in the doldrums has weakened the bull case in the short term, leaving a target of $3,700 for a resumed rally.

2019/02/14 20:00

Long-Term Indicator Suggests Bitcoin Price May Be Nearing Bottom

A long-term price indicator validates a growing consensus among investors that bitcoin is close to bottoming out.

2019/02/13 20:00

Bitcoin Making Little Headway as Resistance Caps Price Gains

Bitcoin's struggle to cross a key moving average lined up above $3,600 is a cause of concern for the bulls.

2019/02/13 05:46

Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In

Traders may already be pricing in litecoin's upcoming block reward halving.

2019/02/12 20:20

Bitcoin Price Pattern Hints at Short-Term Rally to $4K

Bitcoin’s overnight pullback from three-week highs hit on Friday doesn’t mean the rally is over.

2019/02/11 20:00

Bitcoin Eyes $3.8K After High-Volume Price Breakout

Bitcoin saw a high-volume bullish move Friday that may have opened the doors for a rally above $3,800.

2019/02/08 20:00

Bitcoin Price Still Trading Flat While Litecoin Hits 7-Month High

Bitcoin, which continues to languish near seven-week lows, is being outshone by a surge in litecoin prices.

2019/02/07 20:00

Little Relief in Sight as Bitcoin Price Closes at 7.5-Week Low

With bitcoin closing yesterday at the lowest level in 7.5 weeks, the gradual sell-off is showing no signs of abating.

2019/02/06 20:00

Little-Known Resistance May Be Blocking Bitcoin Price Bounce

Bitcoin price gains may be capped by a key moving average that has been acting as stiff resistance since mid-January.

2019/02/05 20:00

Bitcoin’s Daily Price Range Hits Three-Month Low

The current calm in the bitcoin market is reminiscent of the lackluster trading witnessed in October.

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