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2018/09/22 06:22

XRP Shot Up 75% During Friday's Bullish Trading Session

XRP surged over 75% today as it became the world's second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization for a brief period.

2018/09/22 02:00

Novogratz Says Crypto Market Showing 'Classic Bottom'

Michael Novogratz, the founder of the cryptocurrency asset management firm Galaxy Digital, believes the market has hit a bottom.

2018/09/21 20:00

$6,700: Bitcoin Price Charts Bullish Reversal as Altcoins Surge

BTC has bounced back into bullish territory over $6,700 amid increased investor interest in altcoins.

2018/09/21 00:24

Up 13%: XRP Jumps By Double Digits for Second Time This Week

XRP is a standout performer today in the cryptocurrency market as its price boasts double-digit percent gains for the second time this week.

2018/09/20 20:00

Bitcoin Price Sees High-Volume Recovery From Five-Week Lows

Bitcoin's rebound from the five-week low of $6,100 has saved the day for the bulls and kept range-bound trading conditions intact.

2018/09/20 06:25

Bitcoin's Price Swings to Nearly $6,500 in Volatile Trading Hour

Bitcoin's volatility was on full display Wednesday when its price swung in a dramatic fashion.

2018/09/19 00:15

XRP Price Bucks Bearish Market Mood to Hit 13-Day High

XRP is reporting double-digit gains today, despite a generally bearish trend across the wider crypto markets.

2018/09/18 20:00

Bitcoin Price Outlook Worsens After Drop to Five-Day Lows

Bitcoin's drop to $6,200 on Monday has increased the odds of a move toward key support below $6,000.

2018/09/17 20:00

$6,550: Bitcoin Charts Suggest New Target for Price Rally

Bitcoin's corrective rally seems to have stalled around $6,550, making it a key level to beat for the bulls.

2018/09/17 19:00

Tezos Token Makes Gains in Approach to Official Launch

The prospect of Tezos' official launch Monday has revved up investor interest in the project's XTZ token, pushing prices up 30% in a week.

2018/09/17 12:50

Gas Ain't Gold: Why Ether's Price Could Tank Even If Ethereum Succeeds

Even if ethereum succeeds as a smart contracts platform, its cryptocurrency might still fail as a long-term store of value, writes Michael J. Casey.

2018/09/15 00:01

Ether Records Highest Daily Trading Volume in 12 Months

Ether's recovery from 13-month lows is being backed by daily trading volume not seen for a year.

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