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2021/01/30 06:34

The GameStop Stop Is Not a Technology Problem

Robinhood didn't halt GameStop trading to punish retail players. It reacted to market risk. And, no, blockchain wouldn't have fixed this.

2021/01/04 18:34

Shenzhen to Double Digital Yuan Giveaway in China’s Latest Lottery Test

The latest digital currency giveaway is aimed to gauge user experience ahead of an expected launch.

2021/01/01 06:52

FinCEN Wants US Citizens to Disclose Offshore Crypto Holdings of $10K+

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network wants U.S. persons who hold crypto in offshore accounts to report holdings over $10,000.

2020/12/31 18:00

Proposed FinCEN Rule on Crypto Wallets Would Likely Be Ineffective, Elliptic Says

Blockchain analysis firm Elliptic said the proposal could “adversely impact” existing anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

2020/12/31 07:02

Serbia Legalizes Digital Assets Trading and Issuance

Serbia will now permit the issuance and trading of digital assets under a law that went into effect this week.

2020/12/31 06:19

Democracy Demands a Say in the Future of Money

The U.S. Treasury’s decision to impose know-your-customer rules to private cryptocurrency wallets is flawed in more ways than one.

2020/12/31 05:57

BitGo to Pay $93K to US Treasury to Settle 183 ‘Apparent’ Sanctions Violations

BitGo failed to stop people in Cuba, Iran and Syria, among other sanctioned places, from using its non-custodial wallet service, the U.S. said.

2020/12/22 17:55

Huobi Crypto Exchange Returning to US After Winning Nevada Trust License

After an abrupt departure over a year ago, Huobi has now secured a state trust license for its return to the U.S. market.

2020/12/22 10:09

Ripple CEO Warns SEC May Sue Company Over XRP Sales

"It’s an attack on the entire crypto industry and American innovation," Brad Garlinghouse said in a statement.

2020/12/04 05:47

SEC Makes FinHub a Stand-Alone Office

The reorganization strengthens FinHub's hand in addressing the digital assets space.

2020/12/03 09:11

Ripple CEO Walks Back Threat to Leave US

Prolonged but fruitless efforts to get regulators on the firm’s side seem to have exhausted Ripple’s patience as it eyes a potential IPO and fights a lawsuit.

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