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2020/05/30 01:29

Russia Is About to Drop the Crypto ‘Iron Curtain,’ Industry Warns

Russia's crypto community is pushing back against a set of bills that could impose onerous restrictions on startups and individuals in the country.

2020/05/29 23:47

In Trump Versus Twitter, Decentralized Tech May Win

Campaigners against Section 230 said Trump’s intervention might derail their cause, but it could offer an opportunity for decentralized tech.

2020/05/29 17:00

It’s Tough Getting Approved in Gibraltar, Says Green-Lighted Crypto Derivatives Exchange

It's tough getting regulated on "the Rock," says crypto derivatives exchange ZUBR.

2020/05/29 04:44

BitClave Search Engine Agrees to Pay Back $25M ICO in Settlement With SEC

BitClave will pay back over $25 million in a settlement with the SEC stemming from a 2017 token sale.

2020/05/28 22:32

Bank of Russia Wants to Put Mortgage Issuance on a Blockchain

Russia's is eyeing use cases for blockchain even as proposed legislation will clamp down on crypto.

2020/05/23 22:00

Central Bank Digital Currencies Need Decentralization

To reap the full benefits of digital currencies, central bankers need to consider decentralizing some authority, say the authors of a new report.

2020/05/22 21:00

Colombia, Deloitte, ConsenSys Sign On to WEF’s ‘Blockchain Bill of Rights’

The cryptocurrency industry just gained an organized structure for collaborating with world leaders, thanks to the World Economic Forum.

2020/05/18 22:33

Winners and Losers in the US’ $1,200 Check Blitz

Wealth and age determine when and how 250 million Americans get their stimulus payments, says our columnist J.P. Koning.

2020/05/02 19:00

Digital Dollars Give the State Too Much Control Over Money

Arming the Federal Reserve with a digital dollar would harm the free market, says Max Raskin, an NYU adjunct professor of law.

2020/05/01 17:00

Why Crypto Exchange OKCoin Jumped Through Hoops to Get Licensed in Japan

While Japan is known for its retail market, crypto exchange OKCoin believes the country’s strict licensing regime will attract institutional investors.

2020/05/01 04:00

From Corrupt to Broken: An Insider’s Analysis of the Fed, Feat. Danielle Dimartino Booth

An advisor to the Fed through the Great Financial Crisis to 2015 examines the latest in the largest monetary policy experiment in human history.

2020/05/01 03:23

CBDCs Come in Many Forms – Here’s a Quick Guide

Dozens of central banks are piloting digital currencies. George Calle, of R3, takes us through the various project types.

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