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2020/11/21 05:30

Central Bankers, Experts Outline Possible Scenarios for CBDC Adoption

Central bank digital currencies can have broad implications for the global balance of power, experts say.

2020/11/21 04:36

US Government Enlists USDC for ‘Global Foreign Policy Objective’ in Venezuela: Circle CEO

The U.S. government is sending USDC payments to Venezuela using Circle and Airtm to bypass Nicolas Maduro, the nation's dictator.

2020/11/21 01:03

German Finance Minister Says He Does Not Support Private Cryptos: Report

Olaf Scholz said banks need to adapt for a digital world but seemed to rule out private digital currencies from that future.

2020/11/20 18:00

Japan’s Banking Giant MUFG Plans to Launch Blockchain Payment Network in 2021

Japanese banking giant MUFG plans to launch its blockchain payment network across the country in 2021 with U.S.-based fintech company Akamai.

2020/11/04 21:22

Binance Recovers $344K From DeFi ‘Exit Scam’ That Launched on Its Platform

Having raised the funds at launch on Binance Smart Chain in October, the operator fled with users' cryptocurrency "within an hour," Binance said.

2020/11/04 17:40

Bitcoin Drops as Trump Threatens to Stop Vote Counting

Bitcoin fell after President Trump alleged "fraud” in the presidential election and pledged to stop vote counting.

2020/11/04 10:20

LIVE: CoinDesk Covers the 2020 US Election and Crypto Impact

CoinDesk is covering Election 2020 live, with real-time analysis of its impact on the crypto space.

2020/11/04 08:07

Here Are the 2020 Election Races Crypto Should Watch

Lawmakers who are important to the crypto industry are on the ballot this year. CoinDesk is tracking these races for Election 2020.

2020/11/04 00:28

US Bitcoin Mining Firm Layer1 in Legal Tussle Over Power Plant Ownership

Layer1 Technologies is facing a lawsuit from a co-founder who claims he invested millions of dollars and was then forced out of the firm.

2020/11/03 22:49

Shanghai Stock Exchange Pauses Ant Group IPO Over Regulatory Concerns

The Shanghai Stock Exchange has suspended Ant Group's A-share IPO on its Star Board due to significant changes in the regulatory environment.

2020/11/03 22:00

The Crypto Industry Remains Mostly Unengaged in Election 2020

The cryptocurrency industry did not get heavily engaged in this year’s election, either via donations or lobbying.

2020/11/03 20:10

Bitcoin’s Implied Volatility Rises Ahead of US Election

The bitcoin options market looks to be predicting a pick up-in price volatility following the U.S. presidential election.

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