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2020/08/05 04:00

Can Social Media Be Redeemed? Feat. Bobby Goodlatte

An early Facebook product designer-turned angel investor discusses how social media has changed and whether it can be changed again for the better.

2020/08/05 01:00

Bitcoin News Roundup for August 4, 2020

With investment opportunities in traditional markets drying up, bitcoin futures are drawing record interest. CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back for your bitcoin news roundup!

2020/08/04 22:00

What People Who Aren’t Bullish on Bitcoin Still Like About It

Working with open-source software changes the development process, according to this researcher who interviewed hundreds of technologists across projects.

2020/08/04 04:00

Rage Against the Economic Machine: The Best of the Breakdown July 2020

A recap show on wealth inequality, stock markets and taking it back featuring Jill Carlson, Michael Krieger, Daniel Lacalle, George Gammon and more.

2020/08/04 01:00

Bitcoin News Roundup for August 3, 2020

After a flash-crashy weekend, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back with your quick daily update.

2020/08/02 21:00

What Future Are We Building for Bitcoin?

A reading of Meltem Demirors new essay “Unintended Architecture” asks some key questions about intention setting for the future of Bitcoin.

2020/08/02 03:00

Previewing the Economic Showdowns Coming This Fall

From the size of a second round of stimulus to COVID-19 litigation to reshoring, last week previewed some key economic issues for the months to come.

2020/08/01 23:00

Why This Sex Industry Executive Loves Bitcoin

“We accept 20 different cryptocurrencies for token purchases. The most popular ones are bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin,” Lara said.

2020/08/01 04:00

What a Professional Trader Thinks of the Fed, Robinhood and Real Estate, Feat. Tony Greer

The editor of the Morning Navigator newsletter discusses a variety of macro topics and how to trade against a very strange market.

2020/08/01 01:00

Bitcoin News Roundup for July 31, 2020

With the dollar dropping to its lowest level since May 2018 and a reshuffle in Japan's central bank, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back.

2020/07/04 04:00

Here’s How to Expand Who Contributes to Bitcoin Core

A Bitcoin Core dev and her exchange partner discuss Bitcoin and privacy and how to incentivize more developers to contribute to the protocol.

2020/07/03 04:00

Why the Robinhood Revolution Is the Future of Finance, Feat. Jill Carlson

Far from a fly-by-night, uneducated mania, the new day trader class represents a much more significant force for how public markets are changing.

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