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2020/03/11 04:00

Crypto Fundraising and a Nothing-Is-Safe Haven

An update on the safe haven narrative as bitcoin continues to move with equities plus a crypto startup fundraising roundup

2020/03/10 23:00

Circle Rolls Out Stablecoin Business Accounts, Preps SeedInvest for Sale

Circle is rolling out business accounts denominated in the stablecoin USDC and looking to sell crowdfunding platform SeedInvest as part of an ongoing pivot.

2020/03/07 23:00

Leader to Watch: Elena Giralt Talks Zcash and Feminism

CoinDesk reporter Leigh Cuen is joined by Elena Giralt, the Electric Coin Company’s product marketing associate known for her research on cryptocurrency usage in Latin America, to talk about how digital assets can subvert power dynamics.

2020/03/07 05:00

FluffyPony on Encryption, Clearview and How Coronavirus Could Impact Privacy

The former lead maintainer of Monero and co-founder of Tari speaks about the state of global privacy

2020/03/07 02:07

Gender and Income: Binance US and Stellar CEOs Debunk Myths for International Women’s Day

Two of crypto's leading women executives share career advice and management tips.

2020/03/06 19:00

Information Overload Is Stopping Us From Seeing the Truth

The online environment is inundated with information, and it's impossible to tell the fake from the real, says Microsoft's blockchain chief.

2020/03/06 13:03

Clearview AI Lawyer Tor Ekeland Says Your Face Is Public Property

Tor Ekeland made a career of defending hackers. Now he's defending a hacker's trove: a company with 3 billion images in its database.

2020/03/04 05:00

Super Tuesday Special: Which US Election Outcome Is Best for Bitcoin?

It's Super Tuesday. As Democrats take to the polls to pick their nominee we polled Twitter to ask which candidate would be best for bitcoin and the industry.

2020/03/03 21:00

Klobuchar Wanted a Return to Normalcy, but Do Voters?

While Trump self-inflated and Bernie talked of revolution, Klobuchar took a middle lane on tech. From election security to privacy to transparency in online ads, Klobuchar was a practical legislator in a chaotic political environment.

2020/03/03 21:00

How Elizabeth Warren’s Beef With Facebook Could Benefit Bitcoin

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is crusading against big banks as one of her core platforms for the 2020 presidential election, but it’s her social media policies that may have the most direct impact on bitcoiners.

2020/03/03 21:00

Bernie Sanders: Our Campaign Is About People not Tech

Bernie Sanders has never been closer to delivering a “revolution” in American life. How will he address personal privacy, cryptocurrencies and big tech?

2020/03/03 21:00

Biden May Not Be Savvy About Big Tech, But He Understands Cybersecurity

Nobody is chanting “Hey, Ho, Uncle Joe for Crypto!” at a Biden election rally. But the venerable ex-vice president does have things to say about big tech, chiefly in the realm of cybersecurity.

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