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2019/11/21 04:00

Polymath Moves Security Token Platform Off Ethereum and Onto Parity’s Substrate

As part of the transition, Parity has agreed to build certain business-logic features on Polymesh’s base layer.

2019/10/03 03:00

Parity Updates Tech to Let You Turn Old Phones Into Cold Storage Crypto Wallets

Parity adds support for Polkadot in the latest beta version of its mobile cold wallet app.

2019/08/30 07:30

Amberdata Discovers ‘RPC Call’ Bug in Parity Ethereum Client

A new code release of the Parity ethereum client was released on Thursday to patch a security vulnerability found by blockchain startup Amberdata.

2019/08/24 02:15

Web3’s Gavin Wood Launches Kusama Network to Test Polkadot Protocol

The Web3 Foundation launched a live experimental version of the Polkadot network on Friday. Here's what Kusama will be testing.

2019/06/18 14:58

仮想通貨ジーキャッシュ セキュリティを向上させた新クライアント公開 ウィンドウズ・macOS・リナックス向け


2019/02/01 21:00

Ethereum Startup Aragon Weighs Launching a Second Network on Polkadot

Ethereum startup Aragon is investigating the use of Parity Technologies' Polkadot Network to launch a smart contract framework.

2018/12/21 00:00

Ethereum Startup Parity Launches DIY Blockchain Tool Substrate

Parity Technologies has launched a beta version of Substrate, a tool that lets users create custom blockchains for decentralized applications.

2018/10/30 20:59

Parity to Help Zcash (the Currency) Gain Independence From Zcash (the Startup)

The Zcash Foundation is partnering with an ethereum startup on a project that could boost interoperability across the crypto ecosystem.

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