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2021/01/01 01:00

Why Crypto Crosses ‘The Chasm’ in a Post-Coronavirus World

2020 will be looked back on as the year that marks the present era from the past; the demarcation line separating the before and the after.

2021/01/01 00:00

Governments Will Start to Hodl Bitcoin in 2021

Crypto assets not only are not going away. They will become integral to our financial and political lives, says's head of research.

2020/12/31 06:19

Democracy Demands a Say in the Future of Money

The U.S. Treasury’s decision to impose know-your-customer rules to private cryptocurrency wallets is flawed in more ways than one.

2020/12/04 02:01

Valuing Open Source: Principles for Acquiring DeFi Projects

As DeFi sees its first M&A, we’re left with a big question: How do you value an open-source project in a very new industry?

2020/12/03 21:56

Bitcoin’s Price Is a Poor Proxy For Its Utility

Bitcoin has found adoption this year as digital gold. The other promises of cryptocurrency have yet to find fruition, says our columnist.

2020/12/03 04:36

4 Charts Showing Why Bitcoin Is an Alternative Risk Asset

Who said "safe haven"? Bitcoin's unique performance and risk profile make it a different type of investment animal.

2020/12/02 02:53

Why Europe Bests the US at Attracting Crypto Startups

The EU has created a common framework for regulating crypto across the economic bloc. The U.S. is still working out its approach.

2020/12/02 00:57

Banks Need to Adopt Crypto, Now

Resistance is futile and the time for doing nothing with crypto was two years ago, not today, says our columnist.

2020/11/03 02:33

In the CBDC Race, It’s Better to Be Last

As countries like China and Sweden rush to develop digital currencies, the U.S. can afford to take its time.

2020/10/31 23:31

Crypto Is Less Scary Than Halloween

The great Twitter hack of 2020 highlighted the scariest thing about crypto: being tricked by scams. Here is how to avoid being a victim.

2020/10/31 02:31

Money Reimagined: Who Are the Real Monsters?

Next to the frightening creatures of the legacy financial system, bitcoin is the normal, wholesome outlier, like the niece from TV’s “The Munsters.”

2020/10/26 00:58

DeFi Still Needs a Silk Road Moment

Adoption by criminal enterprises is evidence of the product/market fit for censorship-resistant tech and an indicator of whether innovation will see usage in the non-criminal world.

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