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2020/02/18 18:46

Erik Voorhees: Within Five Years There Will Be a Major Financial Meltdown and Crypto Will Be Ready

When ShapeShift implemented KYC requirements, Erik Voorhees lost 95 percent of his users. But he remains as committed to crypto as ever.

2020/02/15 20:30

When Corporations Violate Privacy, They Do Concrete Harm

There are concrete safety implications to consumer privacy violations, says Lindsey Barrett of Georgetown Law.

2019/11/02 03:00

How Many More Birthdays Until Bitcoin Wins?

On the white paper's 11th anniversary, we face a question: How much longer until bitcoin becomes like Twitter or Linux, something you use every day?

2019/07/01 13:00

Bitcoin, Facebook and the End of 20th Century Money

Bitcoin is surging and Libra is shaking up regulators as the globe faces a period of doubt on the economic front.

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