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2020/04/04 07:11

MakerDAO Foundation Plots Its Own Demise

The MakerDAO Foundation is getting serious about its planned obsolescence. A governance call Thursday laid out founder Rune Christensen's three pillars of full decentralization.

2020/03/21 20:54



2019/10/13 08:53



2019/10/04 11:29

分散型金融のメーカーダオ、すべての資金を失う重大な不具合見つかる |バグは修正済み、発見者に賞金付与

脆弱性検証プラットフォーム「ハッカーワン(HackerOne)」のユーザー「lucash-dev」は10月1日、ステーブルコイン「DAI(ダイ。Dai)」を発行するメーカーダオ(MakerDAO)が次期バージョンで計画している「MCD(複数担保Dai。Multi-Collateral Dai)」アップグレードの重大な不具合を明らかにしたレポートを公開した。この不具合により、悪意のある攻撃者は、MCDシステムに保存されているすべての資金を(1回の取引で)盗めた可能性があるという。現在メーカーダオにより修正されており、lucash-devには賞金として5万ドル(約534万円)が授与された。

2019/05/30 13:00

How MakerDAO Works – The Stablecoin Explainer

The most popular decentralized finance application on ethereum, MakerDAO, was built to keep a stablecoin's price stable. Under the hood, it's quite complex, featuring two separate tokens, a lending system and even a voting process. Here's how it works

2019/05/21 01:37

MakerDAO Fee Decrease Stalls Amid Decline in Token Holder Voting Turnout

A decrease to fees on stablecoin DAI failed to activate over the weekend due to a lack of voter turnout.

2019/05/17 02:37

MakerDAO Votes to Decrease Stablecoin Fees for First Time in 5 Months

Dollar-backed stablecoin DAI is trading above a dollar for the first time in a long-time. MakerDAO token holders have voted to decrease fees on the stablecoin in order to address high market demand for DAI.

2019/04/25 23:13

Leaked Letter Exposes Infighting Atop Flagship Ethereum Project MakerDAO

New details are emerging about a dispute at the MakerDAO Ecosystem Growth Foundation.

2019/04/09 05:38

Coinbase Pro Lists EOS, Augur’s REP and MakerDAO’s MKR Tokens

EOS, MKR and REP will become fully available for trading sometime Tuesday on Coinbase's professional platform.

2019/03/31 11:12

コインベース、カストディ部門が仮想通貨テゾス対応 メーカーDAOサポートも予告


2019/03/01 14:00

MKR, THETA, ENJ, MET: These 4 Cryptos Outperformed the Market in February

Bitcoin may have ended a six-month losing streak in February, but MKR, THETA, ENJ and MET ensure it wasn't the crypto market's biggest winner.

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