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2020/10/13 09:34


アシック・ジャングル(Asic Jungle)社は、仮想通貨(暗号資産)マイニング機器のマーケットプレイス「アシック・ジャングル」のベータ版を開始した。同社によると、中古マイニング機器のマーケットプレイスは世界で初という。

2020/10/08 03:56

Riot Buys 2,500 More Bitmain Miners in Latest Fleet Expansion

The publicly traded bitcoin miner aims to quadruple its current hashrate by mid-2021.

2020/10/02 13:37



2020/10/02 03:59

DeFi Has a Front-Running Problem. Sparkpool’s Potential Fix Is Launching This Month

Ethereum mining pool Sparkpool will launch its new mining network, Taichi Network, complete with a “private transaction” feature this month.

2020/10/01 19:57

Record $166M Ethereum Fees Last Month Were Six Times Bigger than Bitcoin’s

Ethereum continues to outpace Bitcoin in transaction fees, with DeFi mania helping push total fees to $166 million last month.

2020/10/01 19:13

DeFi Buzz Drove Record $12M Earnings This Summer, Says Ethereum Miner HIVE Blockchain

The ether miner has reported its best ever quarter, saying that surging interest in DeFi led to bumper transaction fee revenues.

2020/09/22 05:51

Bitcoin Miner Bitfarms Leases 2,000 Rigs From BlockFills, Has Option for Up to 7,000 More

Bitfarms boost its mining power by 360 PH with the new lease, set to run for 24 months.

2020/09/15 14:23



2020/09/08 14:15


ブロックチェーン・リサーチ・ラボ(Blockchain Research Lab)のエリアス・ストレー博士と、ハンブルク大学のレンナー・アンテ氏は、「排他的マイニング」と呼ぶ現象を分析するレポートを発表した。

2020/09/04 02:15

Russia’s Latest Draft Bill Would Still Largely Ban Crypto, Stifle Miners

Russia's Ministry of Finance wants to ban any cryptocurrency payments, which could be bad news for the country's mining farms.

2020/08/31 23:19

Russia’s Crypto Mining Farms Would Have to Report to Government Under Proposed Bill

Russian wants all data centers, including mining farms, to report what they do and how they operate. Local experts say that brings risk.

2020/08/30 09:00

仮想通貨イーサリアムクラシック、チャールズ・ホスキンソン氏が分散型基金提案 | コミュニティでは反発も


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