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2020/02/17 21:14

London-Based Crypto Custodian Copper Raises $8M for Expansion Overseas

Copper uses its "Walled Garden" infrastructure to allow clients to trade crypto assets more securely from custody.

2020/02/08 04:50

Appealing to Normies: Advancing Bitcoin Starts With Better UX

At London's Advancing Bitcoin conference, developers discussed user-experience fixes for the world's leading crypto.

2019/12/14 04:15

Bitcoin App Bottle Pay Shuts Down Over Impending EU Money-Laundering Laws

Bottle Pay is shutting down, citing the EU's new AML rules, which could compel crypto wallet providers to collect KYC info from users starting next month.

2019/10/27 07:57



2019/09/10 11:54

英ヘッジファンドが仮想通貨投資ファンド立ち上げ 約54億円調達


2019/08/02 06:15

R3 Doubles London Office Space for Blockchain Hiring Spree

Enterprise blockchain firm R3 is doubling its office space in London to accommodate a hiring spree.

2019/06/19 17:15

金融サービスのブロックチェーン技術 「ニーズにあわせて現実的な改善が必要」=専門家らが議論


2019/06/16 10:01

仮想通貨取引所コインベース、カストディ預かり資産額がまもなく20億ドルに 機関投資家の需要が堅調


2019/05/03 20:00

Blockchain Firm SETL Sidesteps Insolvency to Return as Leaner New Entity

Blockchain infrastructure firm SETL, which filed for insolvency in March, is back as a new entity formed by its management team.

2019/04/29 20:30

Creditor Takes Crypto Startup London Block Exchange to Court

A law firm has taken the London Block Exchange to court saying it's owed money, but the startup's CEO has denied it is going out of business.

2019/03/27 19:10

London Metal Exchange Backs Plan to Track Physical Metals With Blockchain

The London Metal Exchange is said to be supporting an initiative to better track physical metals using blockchain tech.

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