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2020/08/04 19:33

Bison Trails Hires Ex-Goldman Sachs VP as Legal Head

Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails has hired BlockTower Capital’s former compliance director to be its first general counsel.

2020/07/01 19:23

Washington, DC, Lawyers Can Now Accept Crypto for Legal Fees

The District of Columbia Bar approved crypto payments for lawyers' fees in an ethics opinion.

2020/06/15 21:17

S. Korea’s Central Bank Forms Legal Panel to Advise on Possible Digital Currency Launch

The Bank of Korea has set up a legal panel to advise on possible regulatory sticking points for a future CBDC issuance.

2020/02/25 17:00

Singapore’s Court of Appeals Rules Against Quoine Exchange in Landmark Crypto Case

The digital currency exchange had unlawfully reversed seven trades after its system erroneously allowed a trader to sell ether at an inflated price, the court decided.

2020/01/29 21:30

France Charges Alleged BTC-e Operator Alexander Vinnik Following Greek Extradition

French prosecutors have charged Vinnik on counts of extortion, aggravated money laundering, conspiracy and more.

2020/01/23 13:52

米SEC、テレグラムのTONブロックチェーンとトークン開発に疑問 仮想通貨グラム巡る訴訟で


2019/12/19 11:24

米仮想通貨スタートアップ、未登録のICO実施で罰金14億円 米規制当局SECが発表【ニュース】


2019/12/05 11:52



2019/12/03 23:40

Court Backs Nordea Bank Bid to Block Staff From Trading Crypto

Nordea Bank has won a court battle in Denmark over its bid to bar employees from buying and selling cryptocurrencies outside of work.

2019/11/16 05:42

Tether to File Motion to Dismiss Class Action Lawsuit Based on NYAG Claims

The company claims that plaintiffs cannot prove Tether transactions caused bitcoin’s surge or that damages were incurred.

2019/11/01 03:49

SEC, CFTC Charge XBT Corp. With Selling Unregistered Swaps for Bitcoin

The SEC and CFTC have settled charges with XBT Corp. after alleging the company sold unregistered security-based swaps for bitcoin.

2019/11/01 03:05

UK Banking Pilot Aims to Streamline Compliance Using Factom Blockchain

Crypto startup Knabu is launching a 30-day pilot today to put regulatory reporting on the blockchain.

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