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2018/12/14 13:30

SEC’s Crypto Czar Signals Some Flexibility on Token Offerings

No-action letters may be a way forward for crypto startups hoping to avoid securities classifications.

2018/12/12 21:30

Saying Goodbye to Crypto’s Infant Anarchy

As the crypto markets have matured, they've seen increasing acceptance with traditional finance and regulators, but there's still a way to go.

2018/12/12 04:35

The CFTC Wants to Learn More About Ethereum

The CFTC has published a request for input to learn more about ethereum and its underlying blockchain network.

2018/12/11 19:00

Not Everyone Wants a Bitcoin ETF

Despite the hype, some experts believe a bitcoin ETF wouldn't have much long-term impact on the broader market.

2018/12/10 18:00

Japanese Lawmaker Proposes 4 Changes to Ease Crypto Tax Burden

A Japanese politician has proposed four changes to the taxation system he says will promote adoption of cryptocurrency in the country.

2018/12/08 20:00

Why You Shouldn’t Fear the Blockchain Regulators

Calls for regulation do not represent the end of cryptocurrency innovation; they signal blockchain’s ongoing maturation, a legal expert argues.

2018/12/08 02:30

SEC Fines Crypto Fund $50K and Issues Cease-and-Desist

The SEC has issued a cease-and-desist order against CoinAlpha after it offered unregistered securities.

2018/12/07 21:30

Mining Firm Sues Roger Ver, Bitmain and More for ‘Hijacking’ Bitcoin Cash

Mining firm United Investment has launched a lawsuit against Bitmain,, and Bitcoin ABC devs for allegedly taking control of bitcoin cash.

2018/12/07 18:00

US Congressmen Introduce Two Bills to Prevent Crypto Price Manipulation

Two congressmen from Florida and North Carolina have introduced legislation aimed to help prevent cryptocurrency price manipulation.

2018/12/05 02:15

Treasury Official: Global Regulators Must Follow US Lead in Crypto Enforcement

U.S. Treasury Department Under Secretary Sigal Mandelker called for global efforts to police malicious actors' use of cryptocurrencies.

2018/12/05 00:00

Swiss Regulator’s ‘Relaxed’ Fintech License Covers Blockchain Firms

Switzerland's Financial Market Supervisory Authority has introduced a new "relaxed" fintech license that can apply to blockchain and crypto firms.

2018/12/04 21:00

Bitcoin Trader on US Sanctions Blacklist Says He’s Innocent

An Iranian bitcoin trader added to the U.S. Treasury's OFAC sanctions list last week claims he’s been wrongfully blacklisted.

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