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2020/09/13 10:00



2020/08/05 03:30

US Lawmakers Don’t Want Proof-of-Stake Networks to Get Overtaxed

Four U.S. congressmen have asked the IRS to clarify how block rewards from proof-of-stake networks are taxed, to prevent taxpayers from owing more than they should.

2020/07/03 14:27



2020/06/19 16:41


大手監査企業のアーンスト&ヤング(Ernst & Young)は、「EY CryptoPrep」と呼ぶ仮想通貨(暗号資産)税金アプリをリリースした。

2020/06/06 18:30

米取引所コインベース、米法執行機関に分析ツール販売 | 仮想通貨コミュニティからは反発も


2020/06/06 07:10

Coinbase Offers US Feds New Crypto Surveillance Tools

Coinbase Analytics vaults the massive crypto exchange into a crowded field of blockchain tracing companies all vying for millions of federal dollars.

2020/03/31 22:00

Crypto Holders Still Face Issues Reporting Tax Liabilities, Survey of CPAs Finds

Certified Public Accountants familiar with crypto largely believe their clients might face audits or penalties for under-reporting holdings in past years, according to a survey.

2020/03/07 06:10

IRS Crypto Summit Was About the Exchange of Ideas, Not Tax Guidance

No new guidance is expected to come from Tuesday’s IRS Crypto Summit, but that the event happened at all is still a positive sign for the industry.

2020/03/04 10:31



2020/03/03 22:05

Uphold Teams Up With TaxBit to More Accurately Report Users’ Crypto Trades

Uphold is launching a real-time tax liability dashboard with the help of TaxBit, allowing users to more easily understand and file their taxes.

2020/02/20 15:10

Dutch Authorities Arrest 2 in Million-Euro Crypto Money Laundering Investigations

Dutch tax enforcers with the Netherlands’ Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service arrested two men Monday for laundering millions of euros in cryptocurrency.

2020/02/19 06:15

The IRS Is Inviting Crypto Firms to a ‘Summit’ in DC Next Month

The IRS will hold a summit to better inform its thinking around taxing cryptocurrencies next month.

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