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2018/06/12 18:00

Korean Banks Can Use Blockchain to Verify Customer IDs from July

A national banking group from South Korea is to roll out a blockchain-based ID verification system for domestic banks next month.

2018/06/12 02:30

KODAKCoin Inks Arena Partnership to Store NBA, NHL Photos

Created by WENN Digital, KODAKOne and the KODAKCoin is announced to launch at 6 major OVG sports venues reaching over 10 million fans per year.

2018/06/01 05:30

Mastercard Looks to Blockchain to Make Coupons Immutable

A patent application from Mastercard suggests that the payments giant is eyeing blockchain as part of a way to verify the authenticity of coupons.

2018/05/26 19:30

Blockchain Must Adapt to Build Trust in the Internet of Things

While there is tremendous promise for the tech, blockchain must evolve substantially to meet the unique demands of the internet of things.

2018/05/17 22:45

Social Network Adopts Civic's Blockchain ID System

Civic has launched a decentralized identity verification system, and crypto social network platform Hilo is the first to use it.

2018/05/11 22:00

This Crypto Vending Machine Can Tell If You're 21 And Sell You Beer

Blockchain technology startup Civic will demo how its ID verification services can be used to purchase alcohol via vending machines at Consensus 2018.

2018/04/16 13:15


マスターカードはIDの保存や確認を行うブロックチェーンシステムを特許申請した。偽造IDといった不正行為を防ぐことができるという。 #ニュース

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