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2019/02/15 15:28

サムスンSDS ブロックチェーン処理速度を向上させる技術を開発 IBMのハイパーレジャーファブリックに適用可能


2019/02/14 12:39

ブロックチェーン事業のスピーディーな展開目指す インテル、ハイパーレジャー・ファブリック基盤のソリューション発表


2019/01/29 14:17

SBI R3 Japan設立でCORDA+Rippleのシステム採用が加速する?

SBI R3 Japan株式会社、R3との合弁で設立とのことですが、R3って何やってるの?や、その商品のCORDAって何なの?リップルと何か関係あるの?という疑問を持つ方も多いと思います。 そこで、この記事ではシンプルに...

2019/01/28 10:53

穀物メジャーのカーギル 食品・農業のサプライチェーンにブロックチェーン活用目指す | ハイパーレジャーグリッド開発に投資、


2019/01/24 00:00

Nasdaq Leads $20 Million Funding Round for Blockchain Startup Symbiont

Enterprise blockchain startup Symbiont has closed a $20 million Series-B funding round led by Nasdaq Ventures.

2019/01/17 18:00

Barclays and Clearmatics Call on Coders to Help Blockchains Talk to Each Other

U.K. bank Barclays and startup Clearmatics will hold a hackathon next month to spur ideas for blockchain interoperability.

2019/01/13 12:52

NASAが航空管制業務にブロックチェーン技術活用を提案 ハイパーレジャーファブリックをベースに


2019/01/10 18:00

The First Live Enterprise Blockchain Sets Sights on Every Area of Global Trade

Trade finance DLT platform is seeking partnerships with other networks, with TradeLens and Tradeshift as prime candidates.

2018/12/20 21:55

Tensions Emerge Between Hyperledger Blockchain Group’s Biggest Supporters

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

2018/12/19 23:00

MultiChain Releases 2.0 Beta, Adds SAP and HCL as Partners

Enterprise blockchain framework MultiChain is beefing up its partner list as it starts to roll out the next version of its software.

2018/12/13 05:30

Deutsche Telekom, Alibaba Cloud, Citi Join Hyperledger Blockchain Project

Hyperledger has added 16 new members, including Deutsche Telekom, Europe's biggest telecommunications provider and Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary.

2018/12/06 21:20

Swiss Post, Swisscom Developing New Blockchain Platform on Hyperledger

Swiss Post and Swisscom have teamed up to build an infrastructure for blockchain applications on Hyperledger Fabric.

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