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2019/08/23 19:30

Litecoin’s Mining Power Has Fallen 28% Since Its Halving

Mining power on the litecoin network has dropped by 28 percent since its recent "halving" event as miners struggle for profit.

2019/08/05 10:17

仮想通貨ライトコイン、今夜半減期へ 無風?ビットコインのテスト?知っておくべきこと


2019/07/13 10:21


ビットコインとライトコインの半減期に伴うマイニング業者へのショックが「マージマイニング(merged mining)」によて和らげられるかもしれないというレポートをバイナンスの研究部門が12日に発表した。

2019/06/24 09:47



2019/05/10 06:30

Halving Rally: Litecoin’s Price Logs Biggest Monthly Winning Streak Since 2017

Litecoin's next block reward halving is now less than 90 days away, but the world's sixth largest cryptocurrency may still have room to run before investors "sell the news."

2019/02/13 05:46

Litecoin’s Halving Is Months Away, But Traders May Already Be Pricing It In

Traders may already be pricing in litecoin's upcoming block reward halving.

2019/02/06 06:00

LedgerX Unveils Betting Market for 2020’s Bitcoin Block Reward Halving

The bitcoin block reward will be cut in half next year – and soon, market watchers can place bets on exactly when the subsidy halving will happen.

2019/01/01 00:15

Bitcoin’s Next Halving Rally: Coming Soon in 2019

Get ready for talk about bitcoin's halving – the once-in-a-while event that won't happen in 2019, but that just might have an impact on the markets.

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