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2018/10/12 10:45

SpankChain Says Hacker Returned Stolen Crypto Funds

SpankChain reported Thursday night that a hacker who stole 165 ETH from its payment platform had returned the funds.

2018/10/12 01:15

Nearly $1 Billion Stolen In Crypto Hacks So Far This Year: Research

The losses related to crypto hacks continue to rise sharply, with nearly $1 billion stolen in the first nine months of 2018, research suggests.

2018/10/11 13:30

Zaif Crypto Exchange Reveals Takeover In New Hack Refund Plan

After a major hack on the Zaif exchange, its operator has now revealed a refund plan that will see it being taken over by another crypto firm.

2018/10/09 23:00

SpankChain Loses $40K in Hack Due to Smart Contract Bug

SpankChain, a cryptocurrency project focused on the adult industry, lost almost $40,000 due to a smart contract flaw on Saturday.

2018/10/06 20:37



2018/09/26 13:00

The Crowd Machine Crypto Token Theft: What We Know So Far

A crypto startup aiming to disrupt AWS has suffered a massive token theft. While few details are available, here's what we know and don't know.

2018/09/20 19:00

Japan Lost $540 Million to Crypto Hacks in First Half of 2018

Japan's police agency has released data revealing that cyberattacks leading to thefts of cryptocurrency rose sharply earlier this year.

2018/09/20 10:25

Crypto Exchange Zaif Hacked In $60 Million, 6,000 Bitcoin Theft

Yet another Japan-based cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked, losing about $60 million worth of cryptocurrency, including 6,000 bitcoins.

2018/08/16 02:45

AT&T Sued for $224 Million After Phone Hackers Rob Crypto Investor

Michael Terpin is suing AT&T, claiming the company's failure to protect his cellphone data led to hackers stealing $24 million in cryptocurrencies.

2018/07/28 01:00

ICO Platform Promises Full Refund Following $7 Million Hack

Initial coin offering support platform KickICO lost $7.7 million in KICK tokens in a hack on Thursday, the company reported. 

2018/06/28 20:00

Bithumb Claims to Have Retrieved $14 Million in Hacked Cryptos

The Korean exchange says it has clawed back some of the millions lost in a theft of cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, XRP and bitcoin cash.

2018/06/21 22:46

Bithumb Working With Other Crypto Exchanges to Recover Hacked Funds

South Korea's Bithumb cryptocurrency exchange said Thursday that it may be able to reduce the losses arising from a major hack earlier this week.

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