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2018/05/21 11:55

3 Ways Blockchain Is Already Delivering on the Hype

The new digital gold standard? Well, of course. That goes without saying!

2018/05/21 00:00

Move 'Em Out: ICOs Don't Seem So Scary Outside the US

A popular event forged during the token boom of 2017 saw discussion about the changing regulatory environment that has resulted.

2018/05/20 02:05

Bitcoin Cash Fork Leaves Users Behind, But Does It Matter?

Bitcoin cash recently hard forked and a little less than 20 percent of nodes didn't upgrade. The industry argues over whether that matters or not.

2018/05/20 00:05

At Ripple's Snoop Dogg Party, A Search for XRP

So what we get drunk? So what we smoke weed? We're just having fun, something something XRP.

2018/05/18 17:00

The Use Cases and Applications for Involving Women in Blockchain

While women in the blockchain industry want to focus on the technology, a lack of women is hurting the industry.

2018/05/17 17:00

Capital Markets Blockchains Are Finally Getting Go-Live Dates

Big financial market infrastructure players detailed their progress on blockchain conversions, with real timelines for going live, at Consensus 2018.

2018/05/17 13:00

Axoni, Clearmatics Claim Milestone for Blockchain Interoperability

In a first for interoperability, Axoni and Clearmatics have shown how a derivative contract written on one blockchain can be settled on another.

2018/05/16 13:00

CNET Founder Backs $50 Million ICO for Video Streaming

CNET founder and early Salesforce investor Halsey Minor has revealed new details on his latest cryptocurrency project VideoCoin.

2018/05/16 06:36

Social Investing Platform eToro Expanding Crypto Trading to US

Social investing platform eToro will launch a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange and mobile wallet and expand to the U.S. this year.

2018/05/16 04:39

Circle Becomes 'Bitcoin Unicorn' with Bitmain-Backed Mega-Round

Bitmain is investing big in blockchain firm Circle as part of an ambitious bid to clean up one of the more gray aspects of the crypto economy.

2018/05/15 22:40

AWS Moves to Simplify Production-Grade Business Blockchains

Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) is partnering with ethereum startup ConsenSys to make enterprise blockchains easier to deploy.

2018/05/14 05:00

Moral Food: A Fish's Trek From 'Bait to Plate' on the Ethereum Blockchain

During Ethereal Summit, attendees were invited to track the tuna in their sushi from start to finish through the use of the ethereum blockchain.

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