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2019/05/12 08:40

ConsenSys CEO Predicts Trump Re-Election, Facebook Breakup and Crypto Revival

To close out the Ethereal Summit, ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin delivered a keynote address from the year 2047 that foretold social crisis and the rise of Web 3.

2019/05/11 07:54

The Big Question at Ethereal Summit NY: Is DeFi Enough for Ethereum?

Day 1 of the ConsenSys-organized Ethereal Summit offered thoughts on the future of ethereum.

2019/05/11 04:20

Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin Back $700K Donation to Ethereum Project MolochDAO

An ethereum funding initiative from the CEO of SpankChain is getting a major boost from two of the blockchain's biggest names.

2018/05/14 05:00

Moral Food: A Fish's Trek From 'Bait to Plate' on the Ethereum Blockchain

During Ethereal Summit, attendees were invited to track the tuna in their sushi from start to finish through the use of the ethereum blockchain.

2018/05/14 03:30

Losing the Hoodie: Crypto Fashion Gets Loud and Proud In New York

At ConsenSys' Ethereal Summit, the standard crypto garb was offset by some real fashionistas, promoting the idea of individuality over being subdued.

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