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2020/10/31 05:20

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $13.6K as DeFi Total Value Locked Dips Below $11B

Bitcoin’s price hit $13,600 before retrenching while some investors pulled crypto out of DeFi.

2020/10/08 06:11

Google Cloud Does Not Intend to Take EOS Rewards as a Block Producer

Following news of yesterday's partnership with, Google Cloud says it is not getting into EOS for the tokens.

2020/10/08 05:34

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Regains $10.6K; High-Balance Ether Addresses Decline

Bitcoin’s price is rebounding from a sell-off Tuesday while large ether holders are making moves.

2020/10/07 08:57


グーグルクラウド(Google Cloud)が、仮想通貨(暗号資産)EOSのブロックチェーンコミュニティに参加した。

2020/10/01 05:19

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Retests $10.8K; Total Value Locked in DeFi Hits $11B

Bitcoin price is flirting with $10,800 territory while DeFi soldiers on.

2020/09/03 05:24

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Falls to $11.1K; Ethereum Miners at Record Fee Percentage

The bitcoin market went bearish as the price dipped while DeFi fees as a percentage of revenue for Ethereum miners is at an all-time high.

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