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2020/10/21 00:51

The US Risks Getting Left Behind on CBDCs

The Federal Reserve's “wait and see” approach to digital currency could deprive the U.S. of important fiscal and monetary tools as its rivals move ahead.

2020/10/08 01:20

‘It’s Something We’re Studying’: Deputy Treasury Secretary Discusses US CBDC Plans

“It’s something we’re studying … [T]his is really a decision which sits as much with the Fed as it does with Treasury,” said Deputy Secretary Justin Muzinich.

2020/09/25 18:19

米国人の多くはデジタルドルの導入に反対か? 仮想通貨企業がCBDCについてアンケート

仮想通貨マイニング企業ジェネシスマイニング(Genesis Mining)による新しい調査は、米国人の多くが中央銀行デジタル通貨(CBDC)の導入に反対している可能性を示している。

2020/09/01 22:23

You Think Crypto Isn’t Ready to Be Money? Consider the Coin Shortage

If the United States had a digital dollar, we wouldn't need to worry about a lack of coins at retailers like Target and Kroger.

2020/07/01 09:00

Senate Banking Committee Remains Open to Idea of Digital Dollar in Tuesday’s Hearing

While not every lawmaker was on board with the idea of a central bank digital currency during a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday, no one explicitly rejected it either.

2020/06/18 11:35

FRBのパウエル議長、中央銀行デジタル通貨について言及 | 官民協力には否定的


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2020/06/13 04:25

Digital Dollar? Get Real, Financial Inclusion Advocates Tell Congress

Currently just a flashy idea, the digital dollar is competing with duller but proven methods for the job of getting stimulus funds to every U.S. resident.

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