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2020/11/21 04:33

Chainalysis Sees Raising $100M in Venture Capital at $1B Valuation: Report

Cryptocurrency investigation firm Chainalysis expects to raise $100 million in venture capital at a $1 billion valuation as early as next week, the company told Forbes.

2020/11/20 14:46

仮想通貨ビットコイン、半減期以降で価格が2倍以上に | BTCの流動性にも変化


2020/08/25 19:00

3 Australian Businesses Tap Chainalysis to Monitor Risky Cryptocurrency Activity

Several Australian companies have turned to Chainalysis products in a bid to improve their regulatory compliance and reduce risks for users.

2020/06/30 22:00

Elliptic Follows Chainalysis in Adding Zcash to Monitoring Platform

Elliptic, the blockchain analysis company, has added privacy coins zcash and horizen to its monitoring platform.

2020/06/16 19:11

Fireblocks Adds Crypto-Tracing Tool to Guard Against Money Laundering

Fireblocks has teamed up with Chainalysis to help flag high-risk transactions passing through its platform.

2020/06/12 22:48

Tezos and Algorand Latest to Integrate Tech for Anti-Money Laundering Compliance

The integrations would allow the two blockchain projects to track transactions and identify senders, in line with the FATF's "Travel Rule."

2020/05/29 17:12



2020/04/12 12:00



2020/03/02 11:51


アメリカ国土安全保障省(Department of Homeland Security/DHS)は2021年度予算案の中で暗号通貨取引への監視強化費用を組み込み、暗号通貨に関する取締強化に動くことを明らかにした。同国では明確な暗号通貨に関する法規制が存在しないものの、政府機関がブロックチェーン分析企業と親密に取引するなど暗号通貨関連監視強化に動きが見られている。

2020/02/29 08:30

Crypto Firms Tout Dispersed Workforce as Coronavirus Contingency Plan

They don’t need to shut their headquarters; they don’t have headquarters.

2020/02/06 17:20



2020/01/30 06:15

Better Regulation Could Curb Crypto Scams, Chainalysis Report Says

Chainalysis’ 2019 crime report found illicit activities accounted for roughly 1 percent of overall crypto transactions last year, and better enforcement of anti-money laundering and know-your-customer regulations could stamp out a large portion of that.

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