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2019/06/17 22:30

Russia’s Central Bank Is Considering Launching a Digital Currency

The head of Russia's central bank has said the institution is investigating the possible future launch of a digital currency.

2019/06/03 22:04

Bundesbank Chief Warns on Risks of Central Bank Digital Currencies

The head of Germany's central bank has said central bank digital currencies could destabilize financial systems and worsen bank runs.

2019/05/28 18:00

ECB Official Says Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency a ‘Viable Option’

A European Central Bank council member has come out generally in favor of wholesale central bank digital currencies.

2019/05/23 23:30

Russian Central Bank to Consider Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

The Bank of Russia will consider the use of a gold-backed cryptocurrency to facilitate international settlements, according to its governor.

2019/05/11 05:45

Boston Fed Announces Plans To Design a Blockchain ‘Supervisory Node’

The Boston Federal Reserve is close to launching their own private supervisory node.

2019/05/02 18:00

Central Banks Settle Cross-Border Payments With Blockchain for First Time

The central banks of Canada and Singapore have for the first time settled cross-border payments using blockchain and central bank digital currencies.

2019/04/04 00:59

Over 40 Central Banks Are Considering Blockchain Currencies: Davos Report

More than 40 central banks are experimenting with blockchain, says a new report by the World Economic Forum.

2019/04/02 23:30

Pakistan Central Bank Eyes Digital Currency Launch by 2025

The State Bank of Pakistan, the country’s central bank, is reportedly considering launching a digital currency as part of a modernization drive.

2019/03/25 19:00

Central Banks See ‘No Value’ in Issuing Digital Currency: BIS Chief

BIS chief Agustin Carstens has said that central banks are wary about issuing digital currencies due to the "huge operational consequences."

2019/02/15 02:00

Iran’s Government Is Using Crypto Startups as Part of Its Blockchain Embrace

Sources in Iran say the country's financial sector is taking clear steps toward a state-backed token economy.

2019/02/07 21:05

Korean Central Bank Study: Issuing Digital Currency Poses Financial Risk

A Bank of Korea study concluded that a central bank digital currency could adversely affect commercial banks and ultimately financial stability.

2019/01/29 21:30

Saudi Arabia, UAE Aim to Cut Payments Costs With Common Digital Currency

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are hoping a shared digital currency can cut remittance costs between the two countries.

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