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2019/08/21 23:00

SEC Approves Blockchain Tech Startup Securitize to Record Stock Transfers

Token issuance tech provider Securitize has registered as a transfer agent with the SEC, a move it says will boost blockchain adoption.

2019/08/21 20:00

Cryptopia Exchange Kept Users’ Cryptos in Pooled Wallet: Liquidator

The liquidator for the collapsed Cryptopia exchange says the way the platform was managed is slowing up the task of determining user holdings.

2019/08/21 19:10

Bitcoin Miners Halt Operations as Rainstorm Triggers Mudslides in China

A severe rainstorm in China's southwest has led to fatal mudslides, causing some local hydropower plants and bitcoin miners to halt operations.

2019/08/15 18:22

Head of SIX’s Digital Asset Exchange Quits Over Strategy Disagreement

Switzerland's SIX stock exchange has just lost a key executive in charge of its in-development digital assets exchange, SDX.

2019/08/09 19:00

This Bank Gave Bitcoin to Its Entire Staff. Now It’s Taking Crypto Clients

Quontic, a small bank in New York, has started working with crypto firms, joining the very short list of institutions to embrace the sector.

2019/08/09 18:01

Coinbase Sets Out How It Foiled a ‘Sophisticated’ Hacking Attack

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has detailed how it was targeted by, and foiled, "a sophisticated, highly targeted, thought out attack."

2019/08/09 06:41

tZERO to Open Security Token Market to Retail Traders Next Week

Overstock is opening up trading on its security token market, tZERO, to retail investors starting next week.

2019/08/07 21:30

National Stock Exchange Becomes World’s First to List a Tokenized Security

Seychelles' stock exchange has just listed a tokenized security representing its own equity in an apparent world first.

2019/08/07 19:00

Standard Chartered Completes First Transaction on Oil Industry Blockchain Platform Voltron

Standard Chartered Bank has completed the first international letter of credit transaction on the oil industry blockchain platform Voltron.

2019/08/02 19:25

Crypto Exchange CEX.IO Expands US Service to Cover 31 States

The exchange now operates in 31 U.S. states and the District of Columbia after obtaining licenses in seven new jurisdictions.

2019/08/02 18:27

Walmart Wants to Patent a Stablecoin That Looks a Lot Like Facebook Libra

Retail giant Walmart has applied for a cryptocurrency patent that bears some similarities to the Libra token proposed by Facebook in mid-June.

2019/08/01 19:12

Tech Firm Seagate Pilots Anti-Fraud Blockchain Tracking With IBM

Data storage giant Seagate has extended its blockchain work with IBM to gauge the fake-fighting potential of the tech.

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