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2020/12/03 02:47

Blockchain Bites: Record-Breaking ‘Active’ Bitcoin Users as Wall Street Ponders Mass Adoption

There are now more active bitcoin users than ever before, as CEOs of both PayPal and BlackRock think about the future of finance.

2020/12/02 02:48

Blockchain Bites: Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain Ships, Libra Rebrands, ‘Bitcoin’ Google Searches Up

Ethereum 2.0 charts new territory with the launch of its proof-of-stake backbone as retail interest in Bitcoin spikes, Google search data suggests.

2020/12/01 02:05

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin All-Time High Puts It on Pace for Highest Monthly Close

PLUS: Anonymous developers have forked a seemingly dead project to launch DeFi’s latest stablecoin.

2020/11/21 02:45

Blockchain Bites: BlockRock Exec Says Bitcoin Is ‘Here to Stay,’ Investors Load Into BTC Puts

Institutional buyers are loading up on BTC puts, Deribit analysts say. Goldman Sachs thinks the “digital yuan” could be in a billion hands in a decade.

2020/11/03 02:09

Blockchain Bites: Digital Yuan’s 4M Transactions, Bitcoin’s 33-Month High, Uniswap’s Second Governance Vote

October saw the first time the total value locked in all DeFi protocols closed below the month’s starting value.

2020/10/24 01:16

Blockchain Bites: China’s Tether Crackdown, CME’s Bustling Bitcoin Markets, Kin’s ‘Active Development’

ALSO: PayPal is said to be in talks to purchase cryptocurrency firms including BitGo. What does that mean for crypto?

2020/10/23 01:06

Blockchain Bites: Hodl Hodl’s No-KYC Bitcoin Lending, Voyager’s Token Merging M&A Deal, Crypto’s Reaction to PayPal

Hodl Hodl announced a no-KYC, P2P lending service. Reactions to PayPal's crypto market entrance. And a token-merging M&A deal.

2020/10/20 01:05

Blockchain Bites: Filecoin Strike, Bitcoin Fees Fall, Coinbase Censorship

Five Filecoin miners have gone on strike. Bitcoin miners are seeing depressed earnings. And Binance is closing its Jersey branch.

2020/10/14 22:36

Blockchain Bites: Your Guide to Invest Ethereum Economy

The fully virtual CoinDesk invest: ethereum economy goes live today. Here's everything you need to know about the event.

2020/10/10 01:03

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin Crosses $11K While DOJ Takes Aim at Crypto

Bitcoin crossed the $11,000 threshold, central banks enumerate "core principles" for a CBDC, Coinbase sees 60 employees walk.

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