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2018/12/06 22:00

BitGo Brings Banker Out of Retirement to Lead Institutional Crypto Custody

Ex-Banker Dick Corcoran will oversee billions of dollars in value as CEO of the recently formed BitGo Trust Company.

2018/11/15 22:59

Crypto Custodian BitGo Adds New Stablecoins in Bid to Woo Institutions

BitGo now supports over 100 assets, including new stablecoin offerings, as it works to offer a wide spectrum of services for institutional investors.

2018/10/07 21:10



2018/09/28 21:15

The $1 Trillion Wallet: BitGo's Big Plan to Secure the Biggest Bitcoin Fortunes

Blockchain security startup BitGo is gearing up to safeguard once-unthinkable sums of digital assets as it looks towards a tokenized future.

2018/09/13 22:14

BitGo Receives Regulatory Approval to Custody Crypto Assets

Crypto security startup BitGo has received approval in the U.S. to act as a qualified custodian for digital assets.

2018/07/26 21:00

Bitcoin's Cutting-Edge 'Coin Selection' Tech Gets First Major Integration

BitGo is taking advantage of a long-promised scaling tech that should see user's transaction fees slashed by up to one-third.

2018/07/25 21:00

Crypto Security Startup BitGo to Custody Zcash

Cryptocurrency security startup BitGo says it is adding privacy coin zcash to its supported crypto assets.

2018/07/20 21:00

Bitcoin's Biggest Startups Are Backing a New Effort to Keep Fees Low

A project called Bitcoin Optech is launching to ensure companies like Coinbase and Square know the best technologies out there to reduce user fees.

2018/05/26 01:45

BitGo Is Building Its Own Digital Asset Custodian

Blockchain security startup BitGo has decided to build its own asset custodian, and will no longer proceed with its acquisition of Kingdom Trust.

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