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2020/07/05 10:00



2020/07/04 04:00

Here’s How to Expand Who Contributes to Bitcoin Core

A Bitcoin Core dev and her exchange partner discuss Bitcoin and privacy and how to incentivize more developers to contribute to the protocol.

2020/06/29 11:55



2020/06/26 03:54

Summer 2020 Is Funding Season for Open-Source Bitcoin Development

The maker of Wasabi Wallet becomes the latest firm to support crypto coders with a 1 BTC donation to the Human Rights Foundation's Bitcoin Development Fund.

2020/06/04 06:34

Latest Bitcoin Core Code Release Protects Against Nation-State Attacks

Bitcoin Core released a new software update Wednesday. Notably, it includes experimental software to hedge against attacks from nation-states and ISPs.

2020/04/01 19:30

BitMEX Operator Ups Grant for Bitcoin Development to $100K

HDR Global Trading has supported bitcoin maintainer Michael Ford since he was appointed last summer.

2020/04/01 17:00

GitHub Is Burying Bitcoin Code Inside an Arctic Mountain to Ride Out the Next 1,000 Years

Deep inside a forsaken coal mine on the Norwegian island of Svalbard, the Bitcoin Core code repository will be kept on film reels and stored for centuries.

2020/02/19 18:00

Bitcoin Coders Confront an Old Quandary: How to Upgrade an Entire Network

An old debate is resurfacing in the bitcoin developer community, underscoring one of the critical challenges confronting decentralized systems.

2019/08/01 17:00

‘Building’ Bitcoin’s Software Just Got a Bit More Trustless

There's a bit less trust now needed when developers compile the software at the heart of bitcoin.

2019/06/19 22:07

‘Hard Core Fund’ Collects 50 BTC to Support Bitcoin Developers

This bitcoin evangelist is bridging the gap between the Asian mining industry and global open source developers.

2019/06/05 17:00

Lightning Network Pioneer Releases New Code for Bitcoin Scaling Concept

Co-author of the lightning network white paper Tadge Dryja has released new code for a proposed scaling solution he's been working on for a year.

2019/06/02 19:30

Maxwell, Wuille Co-Author Proposal for a Big Boost to Bitcoin’s Bandwidth

A new paper outlines a proposed protocol that seeks to boost the bandwidth for bitcoin nodes.

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