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2018/11/20 23:30

OKEx Blasts ‘Defamatory’ Allegations Amid BCH Futures Settlement Furor

OKEx has pushed back against allegations made by a trading firm over its forced settlement of bitcoin cash futures contracts last week.

2018/11/19 22:17

仮想通貨取引所クラーケンがビットコインキャッシュSVの取引開始 「非常に高いリスク」とユーザーに警告


2018/11/19 19:05

Crypto Exchange Kraken Warns Traders Over Bitcoin Cash SV ‘Red Flags’

Kraken has warned that the new bitcoin cash token, BCH SV, doesn't meet its listing requirements and should be seen as a “high risk” investment.

2018/11/19 19:05

Crypto Exchange Kraken Warns Traders Against Bitcoin Cash SV

Kraken has warned that the new bitcoin cash token, BCH SV, does not meet its standard listing requirements and is a “high risk” investment.

2018/11/19 18:33



2018/11/19 17:10



2018/11/16 22:31

Major Exchanges Are Already Distributing New Bitcoin Cash Tokens

After yesterday's split of the bitcoin cash blockchain, several top exchanges have already accommodated the resulting two tokens.

2018/11/16 07:30

What We Know About Bitcoin Cash’s Two Blockchains

The bitcoin cash blockchain officially split today into two competing networks – but the story seems to be far from over.

2018/11/16 03:05

Bitcoin Cash’s Blockchain Hard Fork Just Went Live

A contentious hard fork on the bitcoin cash blockchain has been activated.

2018/11/16 00:40

Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Fork, Hash Power Still Favors SV Camp

Bitcoin cash's ongoing hash war remains lopsided, with mining pools supporting Bitcoin SV controlling nearly 75 percent of the current network.

2018/11/15 12:01

Buy or Sell? What Traders Think About Tomorrow’s Bitcoin Cash Fork

With Thurday's hard fork of the bitcoin cash blockchain likely to result in a split, what are the traders planning to do with their holdings?

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