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2021/02/08 07:05



2021/02/04 04:31

Ether Soars to Another All-Time High, Carrying DeFi and Rival Coins With It

Investor excitement ahead of the CME's planned ether futures contract is one reason for the price push.

2021/01/30 07:14

Aave’s Founder Angel Invests to Grow DeFi’s Head Start on the Banks

Stani Kulechov has backed nearly 40 projects in his search for founders who see two or three moves ahead.

2021/01/18 16:30



2020/12/03 23:59

Aave Launches V2 in Bid to Make Borrowing Against Volatile Assets Less Risky

DeFi platform Aave has rolled out its second version, with several features that should make it more flexible and more capital efficient.

2020/09/25 16:21


レビュープラットフォームのDeFi Watchのデータによると、最も人気のある15の分散型金融(DeFi)プロジェクトのうち、12のプロジェクトでは依然として「神モード」と呼ばれる管理キーにアクセスできるようになっている。

2020/09/03 22:00

New Crypto Derivatives Let You Bet on (or Against) Tether’s Solvency

Credit default swaps (of “The Big Short” infamy) have come to the Ethereum blockchain. Opium Exchange says they can help crypto investors manage risk.

2020/09/02 17:18


オンチェーン分析企業のフリップサイド・クリプト(Flipside Crypto)のデータによると、分散型金融(DeFi)のエコシステムでは、ステーブルコインのUSDコイン(USDC)が活発に使われていることが明らかになった。

2020/08/25 16:20

Aave Becomes Second DeFi Project to Overtake MakerDAO for Most Crypto Deposited

DeFi credit market Aave has pulled ahead of stablecoin mint MakerDAO for the title of most collateral staked on Ethereum, according to DeFiPulse.

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