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2020/11/03 06:35

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Bounces From $13.2K; Ether on Centralized Exchanges at 2-Year Low

Bitcoin's price is trending up after a dip while traders are moving ether off from centralized exchanges.

2020/11/03 03:33

Decentralized Exchange Volume Dropped 25% in October

A steeper decline was avoided by one record day for Uniswap and Curve.

2020/10/21 05:42

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $12K; Ethereum Fees Fall to 3-Month Low

Bitcoin’s price passed $12,000 while Ethereum fees dipped.

2020/10/17 05:34

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Has Light Response to OKEx While Ether Options Traders Make Beacon Bets

Bitcoin’s price is rebounding after an OKex-related dip. Meanwhile, ether options traders have a bearish "beacon chain" attitude.

2020/10/02 05:32

Market Wrap: Blame BitMEX as Bitcoin Dumps to $10.4K; Record Month For Ethereum Fees

Bitcoin’s price fell on U.S. regulatory pressures while Ethereum miners reaped record fee revenue the past month.

2020/09/03 05:24

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Falls to $11.1K; Ethereum Miners at Record Fee Percentage

The bitcoin market went bearish as the price dipped while DeFi fees as a percentage of revenue for Ethereum miners is at an all-time high.

2020/09/02 05:35

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Breaks $12K; Uniswap Crosses $1.5B Locked

Traders are optimistic bitcoin’s price can sustain $12,000 while crypto locked in Uniswap has exploded in the past week.

2020/08/01 05:22

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Pushes to $11,450, DeFi Value Locked Now at $4B

The crypto market continues its bullish run and investors are plowing crypto into DeFi.

2020/07/01 03:21

DeFi’s ‘Agricultural Revolution’ Has Ethereum Users Turning to Decentralized Exchanges

Decentralized exchanges are seeing more action than ever thanks to a surge in decentralized finance activity.

2020/06/01 20:50

First Mover: 0x’s ZRX Token Surged 67% in May to Become Month’s Top Performer

0x's ZRX token was May’s best performing crypto asset, beating bitcoin by a big margin.

2019/07/14 12:00


仮想通貨イーサリアム (ETH)基盤の未来予測プラットフォーム「ベール(Veil)」は7月11日、現在サービスを閉鎖しており、7月24日には完全に取引が無効になると発表した。

2019/07/12 10:48

ブロックチェーン系スタートアップの支援プログラム開始 |アマゾンやフィデリティ、イーサリアム財団などが支援パートナーに

「イデオ・コラボ(IDEO CoLab)」は7月11日、ブロックチェーン系スタートアップ企業を支援する取り組み「スタートアップ・スタジオ」の開始を発表した。イデオ・コラボは、米国拠点のデザインコンサルタント企業イデオの投資部門。また支援パートナーとして、投資信託企業フィデリティ、会計事務所デロイト・トウシュ・トーマツ、アマゾンなどが挙げられている。

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