4 Reasons Why Bitcoin's Price Could Now Drop to $6K

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今日は可能性が高い、3 週間ぶりの安値にビットコインのドロップ キック弱気に向かって移動する 6,000 ドルで主要なサポート, 技術的なグラフを示します。
一流の cryptocurrency は 7:15 $6,252 の落ちた Bitfinex – 9 月 19 日以来の低水準-UTC 6,300 ドルで取引、24 時間ごとに 5 パーセントの低下を表す、最後に見られたと。
抵抗の上重要な 10 週間指数移動平均 (EMA) $6,998 の月曜日の移動の活用に失敗したにもかかわらず、逆さまはキー落下近似曲線のブレーク終わった、クマを勇気づけてどおり。

Bitcoin's drop to three-week lows today has likely kick-started a bearish move towards the major support at $6,000, technical charts indicate.
The leading cryptocurrency fell to $6,252 at 7:15 UTC on Bitfinex – the lowest level since Sept. 19 – and was last seen trading at $6,300, representing a 5-percent drop on a 24-hour basis.
The failure to capitalize on Monday's move above the crucial 10-week exponential moving average (EMA) resistance of $6,998, despite the upside break of a key falling trendline, ended up emboldening the bears, as expected.
More importantly, the sell-off witnessed in the last few hours has put an end to a prolonged period of lateral trading. The technical indicators have rolled over in favor of the bears, adding credence to the bearish setup on the long duration...

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