Bitcoin Options on Deribet Now Go to $200K After Recent Surge

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デリビットの人々は、過去24時間で10%上昇するなど、わずか1ヶ月でビットコイン(BTC)の価格が20,000ドルから約32,000ドルに爆発したと考えているようです。読む: ビットコイン 価値があります $1B [.]

The folks over at Deribit apparently think the recent explosion in the price of bitcoin (BTC) from $20,000 to around $32,000 in just over a month, including a 10% rise in the last 24 hours, merits offering traders the ability to bet on a rally to $200,000 by late December. Read also: Bitcoin Worth $1B […]

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