Bitcoin Price Takes a $200 Tumble After Eight-Day Highs

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8 日間の高値今朝から再び落として bitcoin (BTC) 価格が、統合の試合のためさらに逆さまの展開前にできます。
Cryptocurrency は今日 $6,596 に Bitfinex-今週の対称型トライアングル ブレイク アウトによって通知短期の強気の反転に信憑性を追加する-9 月 6 以来の高水準に上昇しました。
ただし、強化の強気の場合にもかかわらず BTC 迅速に約 200 ドルを失いプレス時間の前にすぐに。記述する場合、BTC によって $6,450 で手は変化を有する印刷 $6,355 のザラ場安値は数分前。

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Having dropped back from eight-day highs hit this morning, bitcoin (BTC) price could be in for a bout of consolidation before further upside unfolds.
The cryptocurrency rose to $6,596 earlier today on Bitfinex – the highest level since Sep. 6 – adding credence to the short-term bullish reversal signaled by the symmetrical triangle breakout earlier this week.
However, despite the strengthening bullish case, BTC quickly lost around $200 soon before press time. As if writing, BTC is changing hands at $6,450, having printed an intraday low of $6,355 a few minutes ago.
While the sudden price pullback could force investors to question the sustainability of the corrective rally, the short-term technical charts continue to show that the path of least resistance is on the higher side.

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